Where is Hiroshima?

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The maps shown in this post refers google map.

Finding out where is Hiroshima by maps

Japan has 47 prefectures nationwide and Hiroshima prefecture(or it’s called “Hiroshima-ken” in Japanese) is one of those. At the same time, Hiroshima is the name of capital city of Hiroshima prefecture. Hiroshima city,the capital city of Hiroshima prefecture, is called “Hiroshima-shi” in Japanese. This post is uncovering where Hiroshima-ken and Hiroshima-shi are located. That’s the first thing you have to know!

Where is Hiroshima-ken(Hiroshima prefecture)?

Let’s look at several maps and find out the location of Hiroshima prefecture.

Far East Asia

Japan’s islands are surrounded by seas.

Japan(excl. Okinawa)

The map above shows where Tokyo is located and so is Osaka and Hokkaido.

West part of Japan

This map finally pins down the location of Hiroshima, it’s located in between Osaka and Fukuoka(or you might be more familiar with what it is called Kyushu)

Hiroshima Prefecture

Finally, this map above reveals how Hiroshima prefecture looks like. It is relatively large and it ranks 11th largest prefecture out of 47 prefectures in Japan.

Where is Hiroshima-shi(Hiroshima city)?

Now that you know where is Hiroshima prefecture in Japan. Let’s take a look at where Hiroshima city’s located next.

Hiroshima city in Hiroshima Prefecture

Above map shows Hiroshima city’s place. It is at west side of Hiroshima prefecture. It looks very big city in terms of land areas, but reality is almost all part of Hiroshima city is consisted by moutains and forests, and city and urban areas are limited basically near waterfront or riversides.

Hiroshima city(Within red-line)

Now you can see Hiroshima city !

Mountains and forests(Green areas in the map) are main portion consisting of Hiroshima city and limited lands near Hiroshima Bay or rivers(Gray color areas in the map) consist of city and urban areas.

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